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Digital Scans of the Enochian Manuscripts

January 22, 2010

Digital scans of the original Enochian manuscripts in John Dee’s hand, put online by the Magickal Review. (more…)


Books of Reference – The Key of It All

June 14, 2009
David Allen Hulse dedicated his whole life to rediscovering the lost knowledge of the ancient world. With his work he tries to be a bridgemaker, to unite the esoteric teachings of the East with the West. On his website he states that with his research he “assembled a Noah’s ark of every esoteric teaching concerning the mystical nature of number, word, and color, that can carry this neglected knowledge forward into the 21th century.” This ark goes in two parts, and is associated with following product descriptions:

The Key of It All, Book I: The Eastern Mysteries

David Allen Hulse’s “The Eastern Mysteries” is a monumental resource, both in size and value. 1567184286.01.MZZZZZZZIt catalogs and distills — using hundreds of tables of secret symbolism — the true import of each of six major Eastern magickal traditions. Each chapter is a key that unlocks the meaning behind the magickal language of another ancient tradition. In the first chapter, you will learn about the ancient Cuneiform language, its origins, its codes, and how it is the source for Hebrew. In the second chapter, you will find the secrets of Hebrew, including a clear explanation of the Qabalah. Chapter three reveals the mysteries of Arabic, including its origins, its mystical codes, its astrological attributes, the 99 names of God, Sufi symbolism, and more. The following chapter reveals the origins and symbolic nature of Sanskrit (including comparisons with the works of Aleister Crowley), as well as information on codes, the “chakras,” and more. The last two chapters focus on the Tibetan, including the codes, the Tattvas, the six schools of thought; and the Chinese, with an explanation of “Yin” and “Yang,” the five elements, the complete text of the “I Ching” and how to give readings, and more. The genius of this book is that it is immediately understandable and usable by the beginner, while the expert will find a wealth of information in the cross references, annotated bibliography, and more. (more…)