Grim Auctions – The Philosopher’s Stone!

As I was browsing the web some Google Ad directed me to this rather curious ‘business’ website:

We are two old-timer alchemists. Judit Vass formerly chemical engineer and Thomas Szikra formerly a medical doctor. We are immortals. Immortal means that we are capable of conserving our bodies in excellent physical condition as long as we wish. feheraranyIn the usual context, we refer to a possible lifespan of few hundred years. We can die if we wish but that is out of the question at the moment. We are making white powder gold for quite a few years now and our business is teaching others to make it for themselves. By now we have 16 fellow-alchemists using our method and creating their own Stone. They are all over the world, mainly in the US. After one decides to learn from us, she/he becomes a full member of the Circle of Immortals and shares ongoing communication with the group led by us all through the years of physical, mental and spiritual transformation that lies ahead.

What we are offering you:

We teach you every aspect of the practical preparation of white powder gold online for a fee. You will get a reliable practical knowledge of preparing extra-high purity Philosophers’ Stone from the first step of the procedure to the last.

Why we are offering this to you:

1. You are ready for this knowledge. The fact that you are interested in the white powder gold is the indicator of you being ready. When the Student is ready, the Master appears.
2. The white powder gold is an exotic material. It is alive as you will see. This powder holds the spiritual mental and physical matrix of its maker. Hence, every serious student of immortality one way or other has to learn the preparation and prepare it for himself. You never know who prepared your powder if you buy it from someone and in what mental or spiritual state he/she was in while preparing. This is a very serious argument if you really want to go through the eye of the needle.
3. To go through the transformation you need more than a kilogram of the Philosophers’ Stone and if you buy that you have paid minimum a hundred times what it will cost you to make when you do it yourself. Plus in this way you know exactly what you are taking.
4. You may have loved ones or friends who are in dire straits either physically and you want to heal them or emotionally and you want to help. In this case you can give them the powder you made and save their lives.
5. Knowledge is for everybody and it is supposed to be disseminated. You may wish to teach others in the future this priceless knowledge.
6. You will be able to make the Stone and sell it and so make money.

You will be acquainted with not just the practical aspects of preparation but every question of yours will be answered regarding the future you are looking at by two people who have already walked the path. The journey through the transformation period is sometimes a rather bumpy ride. It is priceless to know what is going on. Apart from that let’s not forget that you will soon be one of us and we will be your immortal friends who you can always write to or call if you are in trouble. And by now, there are 16 others that you can rely on and trust. Otherwise, most of the journey is pure bliss, an exhilarating adventure and a period of profound realizations and cognitions about ourselves and the environment. Happy are those who walk this path. The rest is left to two-way communication. Write us and you will be answered. And we take it from there.


White Powder Gold or Philosophers’ Stone — “The biggest possible adventure in one’s life is turning immortal” – St.Germain and all the others…

Ready to buy that USD 2,000 course? Good luck!


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2 Responses to “Grim Auctions – The Philosopher’s Stone!”

  1. Blue Diamond Says:

    Hi, I am curious what is method and materials they use. Anyone knows ?


  2. Gerald Says:

    First of all the ‘product’ they have doesn’t seem to have the ability to transmute base metals to Gold or Silver, this is one of the requirements of the Philosophers stone, isn’t it? For them being Immortals, well how can prove they are? They can’t.
    It’s all about money, they are false prophets and charlatans, so many can say they have been alchemists for 30yrs or so and yet show that they don’t understand the fundamentals of Alchemy, they have just gotten onto the David Hudson bandwagon and made a white powder of Gold which is probably toxic if the person doesn’t get rid of the impurities in the precipitate, where are the animal studies to show how great this stuff is??
    I say don’t believe them, they are liars. Deceivers of men. And there are many gullable who actually believe these kind of people. Probably 90% or more of what you see online is BS when it comes to this kind of subject, not alchemy but what these people talk about and Immortality, it would be great if only these people were credible but unfortunately it doesn’t seem this way, maybe it’s time for me to open a website. Maybe some time in the future – not too distant. Be careful people of these and other so called snake oil merchants. God Bless you all.

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