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Grim Edition – Arbatel by J. H. Peterson

August 4, 2009

In many ways, Arbatel is unique among texts on magic. Unlike the vast majority of writings, it is clear, concise, and elegantly written. ArbatelThe practical instructions are straightforward and undemanding. When it first appeared in 1575, it attracted the attention of people with a surprisingly broad range of agendas, including some of the finest minds of the time. Often quoted and reprinted, both praised and condemned, its impact on western esoteric philosophy has been called “overwhelming.” Arbatel’s magic is full of wonder and free from the sinister elements usually associated with texts on the subject. But it is about more than magic; filled with gnomic wisdom, it urges us to help our neighbors, be positive and grateful, and use time wisely. Above all, it teaches us to pay attention, looking for the wondrous and miraculous. In fact, to the author this virtually defines the magus. Included in J. H. Peterson’s edition are illustrations, bibliography, index, and original Latin text. (more…)


Grim Auctions – Ars Notoria First Edition (1657)

July 12, 2009

ArsNotoria.02Right now on eBay, only two days left: Ars Notoria, 1st Edition (1657). The full title reads: Ars Notoria: The Notory Art of Solomon, Shewing the Cabalistical Key of Magical Operations, The liberal Sciences, Divine Revelation, and The Art of Memory. Whereunto is added An Astrological Catechism, fully demonstrating the Art of Judicial Astrology. Together with a rare Natural secret, necessary to be learned by all persons; especially Sea-men, Merchants, and Travellers. An excellent Invention, done by the Magnetick Venue of the Load-stone. Written originally in Latine, and now Englished by Robert Turner. London, Printed by F. Cottrel, and are to be sold by Martha Harison, at the Lamb at the East-end of Pauls. 1657. (more…)

Grim Trivia – Grimoire sites on the web

April 18, 2009

I did this little survey of grimoire sites on the web. To be shure, I just looked for sites with grimoire or grimoires in the domain name. Here are the results:

  • calls itself the largest magic grimoires library on the web. Registration is required, and the webmasters now charge access to the Demonic Library to help support part of their costs: “For less than the price of an illustrated book, we give you access to thousands of original grimoires and illustrations of demons and the devil carefully selected and archived by our librarians. The Demonic Library offers the largest selection of original black magic grimoires in the pdf format. For USD 10, your account will be credited of 500 pictures downloads (free preview) through Paypal, the safest way to make payment on the internet.”
  • is more like a fun site with pages like What Is A Grimoire?, Famous Grimoires (Or The Not So Famous), How To Make A Grimoire, Grimoires In Pop Culture and Controversy Over Grimoires; recent discussion topics: Define an Energy being, Real Vampires – MTV show, UFOs, story of the 13 Crystal Heads, and so on… (more…)

Grim Promises – Dr. Faust’s Hollenzwang

April 17, 2009

Forthcoming from Trident Books: an edition of Dr. Faust’s Höllenzwang. The Höllenzwang contains magical seals or sigils, used for the invocation of 7 spirits. It appears that a few pseudo-Fausts wrote some manuscripts too, hzsample1so the serious summoner should certainly do some more research on the Höllenzwang. Book fetishists like me however simply look forward to the publication of yet another old magical manuscript! Here’s the official announcement from Trident:

“Professor Stephen Flowers has translated this previously unpublished Passau 1612 manuscript of Dr. Faust’s Miracle & Wonder Book which contains one of the earliest versions of the famous Hollenzwang or The Three-Fold Coercion of Hell. Dr. Faust was the nom de guerre of Georg Sabel, a student of Henry Cornelius Agrippa. He was denounced by Trithemius and other contemporaries but was simultaneously credited with performing miracles. This edition will contain both the German and English texts of the work, a study of the manuscript as it relates to other grimoires, a brief tract in the life of the historical Faust and introduction by the translator. The sigils are being reconstructed so this will not go to press immediately and at this point the release date cannot be determined.”


Grim Editions – The Grimoire of the Spirit of a Place

April 14, 2009

14884746Great news for all grimoire lovers! In search of some more info on the so-called Grimoire of the Spirit of a Place (an anonymous manuscript written in Old French which is kept Bibliotheque de l’Arsenal de Paris), I contacted Philippe Pissier, who transcribed and translated it for publication by Caduceus Books (2007). Philippe replied to my mail, including a link to scans of all of the 20 pages of this manuscript, which are available through his blog (click here). The files are quite large and readable, so maybe someone could make a transscription and translation for thoses poor students that can’t afford the pricy limited edition by Caduceus? Maybe I’ll do an attempt in the near future. Anyway, Philippe Pissier allowed me to share these scans with you, note however that this grimoire was discovered by Pissier himself, and if you’re about to write something about this grimoire, please give him the proper credits by linking back to his blog!! (more…)