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Text of Jewish exorcism discovered

December 31, 2009

A rare – and possibly unique – text describing a Jewish exorcism has been discovered by Dr Renate Smithuis from The University of Manchester, a scholar of medieval Jewish studies. The 150 word neatly written fragment describes a ceremony to dispel the evil spirit of Nissim Ben Bunya from his widow, Qamar Bat Rahma. (more…)


PDF – Magic, Divination and Demonology (1898)

June 14, 2009

Currently a book is listed on eBay, the full title of which reads Magic, Divination and Demonology among the Hebrews and their neighbours, 234406565_oincluding an Examination of Biblical References and of the Biblical Terms. This 19th century study was written by T. Witton Davies, and was first published in 1898 by James Clarke & Co (London). The seller added following description to this auction: “This is an Ultra Rare book, of which no other copy can be found in the First State. The author is a noted authority, and contents include all aspects of the subjects, including Black and White magic, Conjuring, Natural Magic, necromancy, Supernaturalism, Traces and Survival in the Old Testament, Magic amongst the Arabs, Moslems, Assyrian Magic, Illegal  and Legal Magic etc. etc. (more…)

Contemporary Demonology – Carl Johnson

April 16, 2009

Introducing: Carl Johnson, which US readers might know from the TAPS team, a bunch of people conducting research on the paranormal. carljohnsonIn this context, Carl has appeared on many episodes of Ghost Hunters as an Investigator and expert in the field of demonology. Most of the time he has been cast along side his brother Keith, who’s a demonologist too. Carl is also an investigator for NEAR (New England Anomolies Research [sic]), which was founded by Keith. But, to offer you more than the mere spotting of modern demonologist, I would like to quote this short blog post which i found on the same website. I don’t know it’s written by Carl himself, but I think you’ll find it interesting too, because it’s about the problems involving the analysis of what ghosts are made of: (more…)

Grim Reality – Fernando Nogueira’s exorcism ward

April 14, 2009

In our series flourishing branches of the occult industry, I’d like to present some facts on the opening of an exorcism ward in Portugal, anno 2008. I found this article on Reuters, and though reading it brings clarification, it remains undetermined what type of demon this poor girl was possessed by. Here’s the story:

FAFE – Surrounded by clean hospital beds in his new Occult Sciences Center in northern Portugal, Fernando Nogueira makes exorcism sound almost mundane. afbeelding-15A metal plaque above one door says, matter-of-factly, “Exorcism room.” Inside, a pale, female patient lies under a blanket, a crucifix hangs on the wall alongside dozens of newspaper clips about Nogueira’s paranormal abilities. “She is suicidal. This is basically my emergency room,” says 46-year-old Nogueira, popularly known as The Sorcerer of Fafe. Fafe is the place where he started practicing trance mediumship, and later also exorcisms, around 25 years ago. Before that, he spent some time in a psychiatric clinic as a patient. There are six more rooms in Portugal’s first and only occult center with in-patient admission — and Nogueira plans further expansions. Patients normally stay up to three days. […] (more…)

Grim Editions – The Grimoire of the Spirit of a Place

April 14, 2009

14884746Great news for all grimoire lovers! In search of some more info on the so-called Grimoire of the Spirit of a Place (an anonymous manuscript written in Old French which is kept Bibliotheque de l’Arsenal de Paris), I contacted Philippe Pissier, who transcribed and translated it for publication by Caduceus Books (2007). Philippe replied to my mail, including a link to scans of all of the 20 pages of this manuscript, which are available through his blog (click here). The files are quite large and readable, so maybe someone could make a transscription and translation for thoses poor students that can’t afford the pricy limited edition by Caduceus? Maybe I’ll do an attempt in the near future. Anyway, Philippe Pissier allowed me to share these scans with you, note however that this grimoire was discovered by Pissier himself, and if you’re about to write something about this grimoire, please give him the proper credits by linking back to his blog!! (more…)