eBook – Symbolical Masonry (1923)

New on Sacred Texts: a digital version of a book by H. L. Haywood called Symbolical Masonry, originally published in 1923. According to a certain J. B. Hare this book “is a treasure-house of Masonic lore, including discussions of key concepts of the first three degrees, along with an extensive study guide. Haywood goes into details about such mysteries as the Letter ‘G’, the two pillars, and the legend of Hiram Abiff. Not merely a rote discussion of the rituals and regalia of the lodge, Haywood attempts to get the reader to think critically about the background of these topics, enhancing their understanding of the rich history of Freemasonry.”

Symbolical Masonry
was written for “the host of beginners in the field, whose first intellectual interest in the Craft is usually aroused by their curiosity as to what the work is all about.” Haywood points out in his preface that he tried to do this “as clearly as possible, within the limits of space and of the obligations to secrecy”.

Link: http://www.sacred-texts.com/mas/syma/index.htm



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