Grim Archaeology – Peruvian Girl Mummies

An interesting article was posted by National Geographic today. It sheds a (tiny) bit of light on the worldview of the Andean people. A tale of mountain spirits and girl mummies: “Many of the 33 mummies uncovered near Chiclayo, Peru, were those of girls—a rarity, experts say. peruvian-mummiesTheir throats slit, the girls were probably killed in a bid for agricultural fertility. “Majority of them were sacrificed using a very sharp bladed instrument, probably a copper or bronze tumi knife. And for the majority there are several combinations, a complex set of variations on cutting of the throat.” While mass sacrifice was common in Andean pre-Hispanic cultures, it is rare to find such a large number of sacrificed people together in one place. Another element that made this discovery so unusual was that most of the mummies were females. 30 of the 33 bodies were female and the majority hadn’t reached 15-years-old and some of the mummies were children no older than nine. Anthropologist Klaus explained that in Andean society children were not considered human beings. “This is something, of course, very non-Western. And in the cosmological vision here, kids, children are not human beings because human life comes from mountains. And when a child is born, a child is likened to a wild uncontrollable mountain spirit.”

Click here to read the full story or click the pic to see the video:

peruvian mummies-2


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