Grim TV – Trances documentary series (trailer)

Trances observes individuals performing extraordinary physical acts during altered states of consciousness – an anthropological and scientific voyage into the depths of the human mind.

Title: “Trances”

Theme: Science, Anthropology, History, Adventure, Culture, Spirituality, Religion
Format: Version feature documentary 90 min,
4×52 version documentary series
Shooting format: High Definition
Director: Álvaro G. Úbeda
Producers: Petia Maximova, Antonio Cadierno
Production Companies: Ego Productions and Antropodocus Producciones
Script: Ángela María Osorio Rojas, Gonzalo Alvarado
Score: Borja Costa
Editors: Laura Sanz, Alejandro Ujados, Angélica Valvadere
Investigation: Paulina Muhape, Anna Serra, Olmo Morales
Original idea by: Álvaro G. Úbeda
Places of shooting: Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia
Date of completion: 2011
Stage: Development, Tv Co-production, Distribution, Pre-sales

The agenda: The project proposes the trance as a doorway to a transformation — a transition to broader horizons, a search inherent in humanity. We propose the altered states of consciousness as a tool to expand the human perception – a resource available since ancient times to clean, heal and ultimately, understand the spiritual world.



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