Grim Auctions – Ars Notoria First Edition (1657)

ArsNotoria.02Right now on eBay, only two days left: Ars Notoria, 1st Edition (1657). The full title reads: Ars Notoria: The Notory Art of Solomon, Shewing the Cabalistical Key of Magical Operations, The liberal Sciences, Divine Revelation, and The Art of Memory. Whereunto is added An Astrological Catechism, fully demonstrating the Art of Judicial Astrology. Together with a rare Natural secret, necessary to be learned by all persons; especially Sea-men, Merchants, and Travellers. An excellent Invention, done by the Magnetick Venue of the Load-stone. Written originally in Latine, and now Englished by Robert Turner. London, Printed by F. Cottrel, and are to be sold by Martha Harison, at the Lamb at the East-end of Pauls. 1657.

Specs: Small Octavo. (89mm x 138mm) pp. [blank leaf],[title],[i-vii],1-138,[title],[140],141-168. Complete. Contemporary burgundy calf [normal shelf wear] with Ann Muir marbled paper [recent] over boards. Evidence of removed bookplate on front flyleaf. No foxing. Top and bottom margins trimmed close with no loss of text. Binding tight. Fine antiquarian condition.

Good luck!



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2 Responses to “Grim Auctions – Ars Notoria First Edition (1657)”

  1. Phil Says:

    Hello – very nice blog, enjoying it very much, esp. the notification about M. Pissier’s post of the Grimoire of the Spirit of the Place.

    Anyhow, if you’re curious about the “Rare Natural Secret” annexed to this edition of Ars Notoria I’ve transcribed it here:
    – basically a form of magnetic telegraph.



  2. grimoires Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Phil! I contacted Pissier quite impulsively and to my own suprise my simple request for some more info yielded up so much more than I expected. How’s your French? Anyway, I’ll check out that interesting transcription of yours as soon as I can!!!

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