Grim TV – Astral Projection

That hypnotizing and powerful medium called TV! Mages and summoners, as well as critics and non-believers have found their way to it, tvand are currently doing their thing — while we are watching. Ultimately, we’re talking books here on Grimoires, but it seems that there’s a lot to watch out there, and that yours truly recently discovered how to build Youtube playlists. So, in short, we’re proud to announce the birth of a new fascinating blog category: Grim TV!

In our pilot episode, we’re dealing with the magical technique called astral projection. The first video (two parts) shows Alan Steinfeld interviewing Albert Taylor, author of Soul Traveller, about how to astral project or travel out of the body with consciousness. In part two Albert and Alan expand on the realities of astral sex. The second video is by Michael Shermer and documents neuroscientific attempts to explain paranormal experiences – such as out of body or astral experiences – through experiments with magnetic stimulation of the brain. Shermer straps on the “God Helmet” in a lab at the Laurentian University in Sudbury, Canada.


VIDEO – Alan Steinfeld interviews out-of-body traveller Albert Taylor



VIDEO – Michael Shermer Out of Body Experiment


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