Podcast – The Necronomicon (Treadwell’s Lecture by Dan Harms)

The Necronomicon was once the most famous book that never existed – until a few decades ago, when the first copies appeared on the market. From Lovecraft to Grant to… well, you name it! This is the story of their non-existence, their existence, and their secret stories. Dan Harms reveals the history of these books, their relevance in the broader current of the grimoire tradition, and their impact upon magical practice. Recorded 28th May, 2009. The speaker was in London on a short visit from North America.Runtime: 1 hour 19 minutes
Published 06/19/2009  (3 days ago)
Submitted by Ken Kennedy
Submitted 06/19/2009 (2 days ago)
Language: English


Front cover of the Simon Necronomicon (1977)


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