Grim Tourism – The Saint-Christophe mansion in France

Funny. I dug up this article about some kind of occult theme park in France, and decided to translate it and add it to my wonderful Grim Trivia category. Did you say you already decided where to go this summer?

Pierre Lemonnier opened a uncommon tourist attraction. To enter the mansion Saint-Christophe, is to enter fully into the world of medieval sorcerers. In another life, Pierre was an analyst in Paris. A few years ago, he decided to change his life, left the financial business, went back to his south-mayennaise roots and opened an unusual tourist attraction in La Boissière. A place out of time. The Saint-Christophe mansion is lost in the wilderness. An ideal place to discover a magical world: the Holy Grail and Merlin. Several botanical gardens like no other (sacred herbs of the Middle Ages) are also to be discovered. The lair of Merlin is filled with vials and other magical products, the lair of the witch and mysterious cupboards full of secrets are presented … You may enjoy a glass hypocras at the tavern of the mansion, unless you’re tempted by some syrup coquelicot. “My grandfather was deputy mayor of Craon in 1954. He had passed down to me two cabinets, including a magical one, “says Pierre Lemonnier. In a newspaper of the time, a mysterious treasure is mentioned hidden at the foot of a tower. What if it was near the mansion Saint Christopher? Up to you to find out…


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