Contemporary Astrology – More from Pavel Globa!

Google Alerts delivered this article from, entitled: Astrologers predicted what to happen in summer in Ukraine. It brings two new characters in the plot, an astrologer named Vlad Ross, and Tamara Deinega, who is a veritable ‘Pavel Globa Center expert’. Here we go:

The political struggle may aggravate in summer, the Segodnya newspaper is citing the Pavel Globa Center expert Tamara Deinega: “The statesmen will bring up a question of national language. Premier will make a visit to another country, most likely, to the Russian Federation, and escalation of a situation in energy sphere is probable. Beginning from June 22 parliament will be insisting on curtailing a lot of social programs and demanding from Premier unpopular measures to fill the budget. The situation in politics will be very intensive until summer vacation of the Verkhovna Rada begins in the middle of July. There is a high probability of ecocatastrophes beginning from July till August – it may be explosion or flood”.

“The reform in medical sphere is expected to be carried out beginning from August 22 till September 18, most likely, fee-for-service medicine will be introduced. A peak of political crisis and the threat of international scandal involving Ukraine is possible beginning from September 18 till October 18. Dollar rate will be keeping on the level of UAH 7 in summer. The jump in dollar rate is expected to be in October”, Tamara Deinega predicts.

Astrologer Vlad Ross predicts a little slackening: “The crisis may be compared with tsunami – it has 3 waves. The first one is going away, it is only petty annoyances. The second wave is the most destructive one, it is expected to happen beginning from January 2010. The dollar rate will gain ground in May, it will be on the level UAH 7,77 but is expected to fall towards Euro”.

“In general, the summer will be rather favorable period – nothing bad will happen, because Jupiter is on one line with Luna. Luna is Ukraine, Jupiter – a planet of luck and happiness. Everything will be stable on the political scene”. The period from June 28 till July 5 is dangerous – traffic accidents, fires are possible during this time. In the first decade of August technogenic catastrophes on plants are possible”, astrologer Vlad Ross specified.



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