Grim Trivia – Grimoire sites on the web

I did this little survey of grimoire sites on the web. To be shure, I just looked for sites with grimoire or grimoires in the domain name. Here are the results:

  • calls itself the largest magic grimoires library on the web. Registration is required, and the webmasters now charge access to the Demonic Library to help support part of their costs: “For less than the price of an illustrated book, we give you access to thousands of original grimoires and illustrations of demons and the devil carefully selected and archived by our librarians. The Demonic Library offers the largest selection of original black magic grimoires in the pdf format. For USD 10, your account will be credited of 500 pictures downloads (free preview) through Paypal, the safest way to make payment on the internet.”
  • is more like a fun site with pages like What Is A Grimoire?, Famous Grimoires (Or The Not So Famous), How To Make A Grimoire, Grimoires In Pop Culture and Controversy Over Grimoires; recent discussion topics: Define an Energy being, Real Vampires – MTV show, UFOs, story of the 13 Crystal Heads, and so on…
  • is a rather undefined webpage with links and ads like Grimoire, Grimoire Magic, Free Online Grimoire, Free Online Rpg Game, Grammaire Francaise and Adventure Vacation. Reminds me of spending less on books, and save something for the summer!
  • seems to be associated with the I.G.A.S. link I dropped in a comment on my post on the Grimorium Verum. At the bottom of the page it offers some free downloads like Doctor Johannes Faustis Miracle and Magic Book (The Black Raven or also called the Threefold Coercion of Hell), The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, The Greater Key of Solomon the King, The Little Key of Solomon or The Lemegeton (Goetia), Grimorium Verum etc., but also free courses on Rune Magick, Cosmic Consciousness, Autogenic Training and Natal Astrology.
  • is in fact a wiki page for what I assume is some kind of software called Grimoires; here’s an random excerpt: (…) Business Entity is the data model for service providers, Business Service for services themselves, Binding Template for the concrete bindings of the services, and Technical Model (tModel) for some shared knowledge such as a category system or the technical interfaces of services. The ebXML registry is designed to be a generic information management system. It defines both a registry information model and a set of APIs.
  • is a splash page that displays an image with the mysterious words Samhain Cometh and Aethernet. But alas, entering the site displays following message: “The Aethernet Blog is closed due to Blog Spammers. Once again marketers have destroyed something that wasn’t theirs to start with.”
  • is a single page blog. Subtitle: Wispers of Wisdom. It contains three quotes, some words of Machiavelli, and two other quotes, something about Zarathustra, and Caer Sidi.
  • is in french ands seems to contain nothing relevant.
  • is the homepage of teacher Bob Curry, and currently functions as a listing for the web pages he created for his current and past English courses at Alfred State College.
  • is not about grimoires, but in fact something like a strange modern grimoire itself, because it sells knowledge about How To Secretly Hypnotize Anyone And Make Them Do What You Want. All books are by Nathan Blaszak, Director of Apply Hypnosis Center. He says: “It’s all how you say things… how you use language patterns – how you use words that hypnotize people while it sounds like innocent everyday conversation. In short, it’s about how you can side-step the English language and practically make anyone unconsciously obey your commands!” Other e-books are available, such as How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught. The author of the webpage ascertains that “in just one e-book, you can follow simple (yet extremely hypnotic) secret covert hypnosis applications, use my unbeatable stealth psychological devices, and talk and write hypnotically to persuade anyone in every way you please.”
  • is a blog that is protected: to view it you must log in…



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