Grim Promises – Dr. Faust’s Hollenzwang

Forthcoming from Trident Books: an edition of Dr. Faust’s Höllenzwang. The Höllenzwang contains magical seals or sigils, used for the invocation of 7 spirits. It appears that a few pseudo-Fausts wrote some manuscripts too, hzsample1so the serious summoner should certainly do some more research on the Höllenzwang. Book fetishists like me however simply look forward to the publication of yet another old magical manuscript! Here’s the official announcement from Trident:

“Professor Stephen Flowers has translated this previously unpublished Passau 1612 manuscript of Dr. Faust’s Miracle & Wonder Book which contains one of the earliest versions of the famous Hollenzwang or The Three-Fold Coercion of Hell. Dr. Faust was the nom de guerre of Georg Sabel, a student of Henry Cornelius Agrippa. He was denounced by Trithemius and other contemporaries but was simultaneously credited with performing miracles. This edition will contain both the German and English texts of the work, a study of the manuscript as it relates to other grimoires, a brief tract in the life of the historical Faust and introduction by the translator. The sigils are being reconstructed so this will not go to press immediately and at this point the release date cannot be determined.”

Hollenzwang Manuscript Sample

hzsample2Stephen Edred Flowers (born 1953) is an American Runologist and proponent of occultism and Germanic mysticism. The Bonham, Texas-born author has over two dozen published books and hundreds of published papers on a disparate range of subjects. One of his titles is The Secret of the Runes (see link below). He is also known by the pen-name Edred Thorsson. Flowers has been very active in Left-Hand Path occult organizations, and advocates “Esoteric Runology” or “Odianism”, an occultist version of the Germanic Neopagan movement in North America.

Flowers did his graduate work in Germanic and Celtic philology under professor and scholar Edgar Polomé at the University of Texas at Austin from 1973-1984. In 1981-1982 he studied the history of occultism at the University of Göttingen, Germany. He received his Ph.D. in Germanic Languages and Medieval Studies in 1984 with a dissertation entitled Runes and Magic: Magical Formulaic Elements in the Elder Tradition. From 1984-1989 he was a lecturer in the Departments of English and Germanic Languages at the University of Texas.




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