Contemporary astrology – the Pavel Globa prophecies

Pavel Globa

Pavel Globa

This weblog may be about dusty old books, and the ancient magical lore contained therein may have lost a bit of it’s finish, some branches of the Tree of Occult Sciences however are flourishing like never before! The wise have always gazed into the distant stars in search of answers, and still these celestial beings seem to deliver crucial insights to the selected few: just recently, the famous Russian astrologer Pavel Globa predicted Obama’s assassination in 2011, and the subsequent outburst of a 3rd World War:

Famous Russian astrologer Pavel Globa has predicted that the US President Barack Obama will be murdered in 2011. “Barack Obama will meet the same fate as John F. Kennedy in two years,” Globa said. He also forecast that a third World War will begin after Obama’s murder. Another Moscow astrologer Pavel Sviridov has also predicted a World War in 2011. He said that the territory of the Russian Federation will then be shared out between other countries. Globa said that the financial crisis will end on December 27, 2020. By which time the world’s political and economic systems will have completely changed. (…) Additionally, Globa predicted that almost every country will be ruled by women in 2020. (6 Mar, 01:48 PM)

I’m not very worried about these women interfering with our businesses – they would do just fine I guess; more disturbing is the line that concludes my source, an article which I found on this unreferenced website called mosnews:

Moscow astrologers are currently lobbying to have astrology officially recognized as a serious science.

Update – I indeed found a reference to this current rise of the occult industry in Russia, on Yahoo News. I’ll quote the whole passage for your reading pleasure:

MOSCOW (AFP) – Wizards and psychics accustomed to working in the world beyond want to conjure up a trade union in Russia to manage their earthly employment worries, the daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta reported Friday. The report, quoting unnamed sources in the Russian parliament, said a group of “psychics, witches and other specialists in contact with supernatural forces” wanted formal status with the main independent trade union federation. Russia’s Federation of Independent Trade Unions would not comment on the reported move, the paper said. But Vladimir Yegorov, head of Russia’s folk medicine association, voiced scepticism that Russia would see an official wizards’ union anytime soon. “Trade unions are necessary where there are employers. But here we have no plants, no faith-healer factories. We have only individual entrepreneurs,” Yegorov told the daily. The report added that Russia’s “extrasensory” practitioners — psychics, faith-healers, witches, magicians and so on — had reported an increase in their workload in connection with the global economic crisis.

Russia has a long history with occultism. It has always displayed tolerance toward all kinds of professional magicians and mediums, letting them make fortunes from their services and establish connections with the upper class. In 1779 for example, St. Petersburg came under the spell of a certain Count Alessandre Caliostro (a Spanish army colonel, a genuine magician, and a Great Master), who offered love potions and services in communicating with the dead. And later on, Tsar Nicholas II tried not to make any important state decisions without Grigory Rasputins advice, a man that man was widely believed to be a mystic healer and a prophet.




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