Techniques – the forgotten art of ceromancy

afbeelding-1Throughout the ages, man has always tried to unlock time and unveil the future, and to achieve this goal, he developed a whole arsenal of divinatory techniques. In the past, methods and interpretations of specific phenomena were often dedicated to writing for future use and reference. At times, divination must have been serious business, to that extent that for example ancient rulers may have made important decisions based on the outcome of divinatory acts. No need to say that modern science considers all of these –mancy practices to be pure superstition. One of the many arts of divination is ceromancy, which is performed simply by dropping melted candle wax in cold water (of course, after you consecrated the water, mumbled some obscure formulae, and cleared the area of malicious beings!) When the job is done, the true meaning of the omen must be derived from the shape of the solidified wax. For this interpretive proces one should consult a specialized manual, or rely on intuition. Here are the “commonly accepted” meanings for some occasional results: a ball (problems will roll away), a moon (more money may be coming), a ring (love or marriage in the near future), a snake (beware), a spider’s web (bad luck), etc.

I came across this small pdf book, written by J.W. Doornenbal (in Dutch), and to be honest, the mysterious pictures in it could really make one consider checking out his very own ceromancing skills… Fun assured!



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