Grim Auctions (pt. 2) – A Goetia edition with Crowley doodles

This one I spotted a while ago: a limited edition of the Goetia adorned with doodles, notes and comments from the well know magician Aleister Crowley (facsimile). The seller believes “that there were about 500 copies printed in 1993”, which makes this book, according to the same seller, an “extremely rare find, and next to impossible to hunt down”. 8223_1

From another blog post I learned that there are in fact two annotated Crowley Goetia’s circulating, one reproducing the text from Crowley’s vellum bound copy, the other presenting the text from Crowley’s camel hair bound copy which has a different set of annotations.

I frequently turned to Crowley’s Liber 777 when I was younger, and really enjoyed his qabalistic essays and commentaries. This might explain why I’m really curious about what he had to add to his very own edition of the Goetia… The book was sold for USD 51.



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